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What is QR?

   QR stands for Quick Response codes, it is a small digital bar code that has a URL embedded,        Once you scan the QR code you will be taken to the website (URL).

What devices can I use to scan the QR?

You can use mobile devices (smart phone or tablet).

How do I get the QR reader on my device?

A QR reader can be found on the following link and is a free program to use.

How much will a QR cost me?

Please see our product page for a list of available items, if you can not see what you are looking for please contact us as we are more then happy to help.

Can I just buy the code and use it myself?

Yes, once you buy the code it is unique to you.

Can the QR be used on anything?

The QR code can be placed on to many items please see our products page

What benefit would buying a QR code be to me?

The QR code means that it can be read quickly by using a mobile device and the user will be taken directly to the URL without having to type in the URL for the webpage.

A QR code can be placed on a new or existing gravestone or plaque allowing the person scanning it to access the information held on the webpage.

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